I have been painting for eleven years as a self-taught painter.
I have always been attracted by colours and naturally I started painting. "Diving "into colours has become a need. Don't try to understand what I wanted to express, I don't even try myself, it doesn't matter. Feeling the painting, being touched by it or not, is the most important thing. Colours and abstract forms appeal to the unique person we are. Nobody sees or feels the same thing.

My painting expression is a langage from one to one. Except for a few of them, my paintings can be hung any other side. So, I have decided to sign at the back. Feel free to pick up the sense that sounds the best for you.
Pierre Soulage says :
One's work takes life from the look it is given. It is not confined to the work itself nor to the artist. The one who looks at it will give birth to the work. And of course anybody is the free and necessary interpret.

My paintings need you, need your look to be alive.